At what point in your life have you learned to trust your intuition?

In this episode, allow me to share with you my personal story of how my Bernedoodle dog, Max, has been a tangible example of how my intuition and the universe have conspired with me to reach my highest and best.

Getting my dog has provided me with the trust in my intuition and the awareness of co-creating with the universe, which is also what I eventually harnessed in leveraging my business – all while taking a pause in between.

Let my story inspire you to pay attention to signs – that’s the universe conspiring with you. When we tap into our intuition and allow it to guide us,
what’s meant to be comes to fruition.

Don’t let your ego distract you. I encourage you to take a pause and listen to your “I can” voice. It’s that calm, reassuring nudge that guides you to success!

Tune in to this episode of The Power In The Pause: The Power of the Universe and Our Intuition.


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