Sales means building relationships with clients and helping them arrive at the right decisions.

In this episode, I am joined by Nicole Cramer, a Sales Conversation Coach and an Exactly What to Say™ Certified Guide, to delve into maximizing sales success by tapping into intentional pauses and staying in integrity to serve and help.

As salespeople, it’s not our job to tell our clients what to do. Instead, we provide them the space to make aligned, educated choices and hold their vision for them.

I encourage you to stay curious and welcome your clients to express their experiences. This can make or break their desire to invest in you. If they know that someone is giving them time to think, their “no” can just be a “not right now”.

Moments of silence can be uncomfortable but they hold more power than you would imagine.

Tune in to this week’s episode of The Power In The Pause: How to Maximize Sales Success Through Harnessing Pauses with Nicole Cramer.

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