Are you a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)? Do you find it challenging to navigate life and find success in your business or career?

Dive into the ins and outs of being a highly sensitive entrepreneur as Heather Dominick, an entrepreneur, coach, mentor, and author, discusses how she has helped a lot of her fellow business persons in turning their uniqueness into their strength. Be inspired by her story of how she navigated into becoming both a highly sensitive and a highly successful individual.

This is a reminder that what you are currently feeling can be more than just burnout. When we are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted we must learn how to understand and embrace our high sensitivity as a person. By deeply knowing ourselves, we can be our own superhero!

Ultimately, once you have learned how to use your uniqueness and strengths as a highly sensitive person, you will be able to help people and succeed in your trade.

If you are troubled about how to deal with burnout, high sensitivity, and that strange feeling of being different from others, listen to this episode and learn how Heather Dominick managed to do it — all with the power in the pause!

Tune in to the full show: From Burnout to Success As A Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur with Heather Dominick

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